Soil Sampling Equipment

During 2013 RIMIK acquired Acre Industries from Cliff Edser (Toowoomba).  Acre Industries had provided the soil science community with numerous soil sampling devices and accessories.  RIMIK is proud to continue a tradition of quality products customised to suit any requirement.

The range is continually expanding to satisfy the complete needs of agronomists and soil scientists across Australia.  We are happy to discuss any variant of a current design or a new product.  Our design team can advise you on our ability to undertake any project.

Soil Sampling Fact Sheet:    Guide to Soil Sampling Push Tubes + Tips

Soil Sampling Push Tubes

Rimik Soil Sampling Push Tubes - Australia

RIMIK provides a fully customisable range of soil sampling push tube diameters from 32mm (1 1/4”) to 50mm (2”) in Chromoly steel including various cutting tip sizes.  Chromoly is preferred for its weight advantages.

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Hand Samplers

Rimik Hand Samplers - Australia

This product range includes tube sizes from 19mm (3/4”) to 38mm (1 1/2”) depending on customer requirements.  Hand samplers are made from Stainless Steel with hardened steel cutting tips


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Foot Samplers

Rimik Foot Samplers - Australia

Most commonly used for nematode and nutrient sampling, RIMIK Foot Samplers are efficient for taking numerous shallow samples.  Stainless steel construction allows the foot sampler to withstand rough treatment in the field and periods

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Manual Tube Lifter

Rimik Manual Tube Lifter - Australia

The kit includes one off hammer, lifter, 900mm long x 38mm OD soil sampling tube (with #4 cutting tip) and 1800mm long x 32mm OD soil sampling tube (with #4 cutting tip).  Items may be purchased separately or kit soil sampling tubes may be substituted to your specification.


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Bulk Density Soil Sampling Kit

 RIMIK Bulk Density Soil Sampling Equipment

This kit allows you to undertake larger diameter deep profile bulk density sampling.  It can include all the accessories you need to maintain accuracy and hygiene during sampling.

  • Sampling tubes from 50mm Ø to 125mm Ø at depths of up to 100cm
  • Sampling tray with 50mm and 100mm sampling positions
  • Sampling cups for accurate sample length and easy transfer
  • Push rods made to suit every tube size together with rod rests
  • Adaptors to suit your hydraulic rig
  • Hammers and tube lifters to suit manual operation

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Rimik Soil Accessories - Australia

Cutting Tips in all sizes and diameters

  • Sample Pushers
  • Tube Cleaning Augers
  • Tube Brushes
  • Stainless Steel Rod Extensions



Spares & Repairs

Rimik Spares and Accessories - Australia 

  • Replaceable cutting tips in all sizes and diameters are available.
  • Replaceable tips extend the life of RIMIK soil sampling tubes and samplers.  Straightening, cleaning and polishing also available.
  • Return your soil sampling equipment for repair with RIMIK or engage your local engineering works.


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