Manual Tube Lifter Kit

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The kit includes one off hammer, lifter, 900mm long x 38mm OD soil sampling tube (with #4 cutting tip) and 1800mm long x 32mm OD soil sampling tube (with #4 cutting tip).  Items may be purchased separately or kit soil sampling tubes may be substituted to your specification.

Rimik Manual Tube Lifter Kit - Rimik Australia The vertical hammer is available in three versions; 7kg or 10kg fabricated metal or a fabricated handle for a wooden block.  It assists with manual insertion of soil sampling tubes in more difficult soil conditions.  The metal hammer head is fitted with a tough nylon insert to absorb impact and reduce damage to the sampling tube collar.  The fabricated handle version can be fitted to a wooden block supplied by the user.

The lifter assists with manual removal of soil sampling tubes and is made in two heights to suit customer specified soil sampling tube lengths.  The lifter provides the upward force needed during retrieval while reducing strain on the user.  The arm provides sufficient leverage to remove soil tubes in heavy and dry soil conditions.  Standard heights are 1000mm and 1300mm.


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