Foot Samplers

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Most commonly used for nematode and nutrient sampling, RIMIK foot samplers are efficient for taking numerous shallow samples.  Stainless steel construction allows the foot sampler to withstand rough treatment in the field and periods of storage without rusting.  Cuttings tips are machined from surface hardened stainless steel for a longer cutting life and are replaceable if damaged or worn.

The RIMIK 19mm x 150mm Foot Sampler recommended for use by the South Australian Research & Development Institute (SARDI) sampling protocol.

RIMIK Foot Sampler available from RIMIK Australia Standard Specifications:
19mm OD x 150mm long stainless steel sampling tube with No 4 cutting tip.


Custom Specifications:
RIMIK custom manufacture foot samplers to your specified requirements with lengths up to 300mm and diameters from 19mm to 100mm. 



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