CP4011 Cone Penetrometer

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The CP40II is a superior instrument for fast precision measurements and accurate collection of cone index data combined with GPS co-ordinates , it is the essential tool for advanced and expert soil studies involving compaction, trafficability and moisture distribution.

CP4011 Penetrometer - Rimik Australia CP4011 Penetrometer - Rimik Australia


A pinpoint, top of the line Cone Penetrometer to suit all scientific needs.

Using the CP40II in field, cone index values up to 5600kPa (using the 130mm2 ASAE cone) can be measured to depths of 750mm and recorded quickly by one person.  Insertions are automatically recorded and stored in files that comprise the cone index data in addition to time, date, GPS location and more.

Once an insertion is completed the screen displays a graph of the data recorded.  This affords the operator an immediate visual feedback about the soil profile just recorded.  Previously recorded insertions stored in memory can also be displayed.

File numbers are automatically incremented at the completion of each file.  During each insertion the speed of penetration is constantly monitored.  If the set maximum speed is exceeded an alarm will sound or the instrument may optionally terminate the insertion.  This ensures the highest quality of data is recorded.  A terminated insertion gives the user the option to save truncated insert.

The internal battery voltage is monitored and displayed on-screen.  Automatic power off occurs once the battery discharges to a predetermined level.  This prevents battery damage occurring if the unit is unintentionally left powered on.


Rimik Cone Penetrometer GraphThe Rimik Cone Penetrometer Reader Software includes the following features:

  • Display a graph of all inserts within a group, as well as the average for all insertions in the group or just the ones you select.
  • Select which Groups to display and switch to “Averages only” in order to compare average results across selected groups.
  • Add fixed pressure lines to show root growth limits and other features.
  • Swap the axes to display depth vertically or horizontally and change the display/save settings from metric to imperial.
  • Retrieve data from the CP40II, saving for later use with the Software or export via CSV or Shapefile formats.
  • Set CP40II parameters and set a site name with the Rimik Penetrometer Reader Software.


Assembled Weight: 3.9kg Maximum Insertion Depth 750mm
Packed Weight Including case: 11kg Operating Temperature -10 to 60ºC
Assembled Dimensions: (without GPS): 560 x 1073 x 130mm Baud Rate/Download Speed: 9600bps
Case Dimensions: 470 x 358 x 175mm Battery Life: 3000mAh
Max 130mmASAE Cone Index: 7500kPa, 100kg Continuous use without GPS: 11 1/2 hrs
Max 130mmASAE Cone Index: 5600kPa, 75kg Continuous use with GPS 8 hrs
Load Cell Options: 50 & 75kg or 75kg & 100kg Standby Time: 26hrs
Resolution: 0.03kg (~5kPa)

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