CP200 Cone Penetrometer

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The CP200 Cone Penetrometer is the instrument of choice for quick, accurate and easy collection of cone-index data, making it an essential tool for non intensive soil studies involving compaction, trafficability and moisture distribution.

CP200 Cone Penetrometer - Rimik Australia CP200 Cone Penetrometer - Rimik Australia

The CP200 is reasonably accurate, logging Cone Penetrometer that won’t break the budget.

The RIMIK CP200 incorporates many of the features of its big brothers, the CP300 and CP40II, but has a smaller, non-graphical display, smaller memory, and does not have GPS capability or data grouping.

What it DOES offer is Ultra Sonic Depth sensing, NiMh rechargeable batteries, internal logging, and USB connectivity, all in a small and light enclosure with stainless steel shaft and cone.  The shaft is the same two-piece unit as used all current models, making it easy to carry in a fitted case.

This breed of Cone Penetrometer is used to measure soil density and hardness where a detailed study of the data is not the highest priority.  It has been designed for use by those who only require quick point and shoot values of soil hardness.  It measures and records cone index values of the load required to insert the cone through the soil and returns figures of the hardness of the soil.  These results can be viewed on the LCD screen or downloaded to a computer via the serial port and with the use of the Rimik Penetrometer Reader Software.  Up to 50 insertions may be recorded with depths of up to 750mm and cone index values of up to 7500kPa.  Profile data points are collected at 25mm intervals.

At a fraction of the price of other logging penetrometers, it is a great option for farmers, agronomists,  green keepers, race tracks, sporting bodies, and road builders. It is the easy to use, light and accurate Cone Penetrometer.

Assembled Weight: 2.65kg Maximum Insertion Depth 750mm
Packed Weight Including case: 4.4kg Interval Spacing 25mm
Assembled Dimensions: 431 x 1063 x 85mm Memory Capacity (no.of insertions 50
Case (optional Dimensions: 448 x 362 x 110mm Operating Temperature -10 to 75ºC
Max 130mmASAE Cone Index: 7500Pa, 100kg Baud Rate/Download Speed 9600bps
Resolution:  0.5kg(~50KPa) Screen resolution (characters) 2 x 16
Cone size (diameter/area): 12.83mm / 130mm2 Battery Life ( up to 150 insertions) 900 mAh
Shaft size (diameter): 9.53mm


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