CP100 Cone Penetrometer

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The CP100 Cone Penetrometer is a simple soil compaction tester with a visual pressure gauge, making it an essential tool for basic compaction readings.

CP100 Cone Penetrometer

The CP100 is a cost-effective, visual Cone Penetrometer instrument for simple field testing.

The RIMIK CP100 is a basic, easy-to use soil compaction tester that can help you understand how your compacted soil is affecting your yield.  Much like our electronic Cone Penetrometers, the CP100 offers ease of use and high quality that comes with the RIMIK brand

This breed of Cone Penetrometer is used to measure soil compaction on a visual level, where sampling time and recorded data are not absolute necessities and detailed study of the data is not the highest priority.  With it’s ability to be used in any environment, the CP100 has been designed for use by anyone who requires immediate point and shoot values of soil compaction.

As the most cost effective solution when compared to electronic penetrometer models, it is a perfect option for many varied applications such as broadacre dryland and irrigation, horticulture, arboriculture, grazing, green keeping, race track and sports field curation.

Assembled Weight: 2.65kg Maximum Insertion Depth 750mm
Assembled Dimensions: 431 x 1063 x 85mm Interval Spacing 100mm
Max 130mmASAE Cone Index: 7400Pa, 100kg Cone size (diameter/area): 12.83mm / 130mm2

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