Cone Penetrometers

RIMIK hand-held Cone Penetrometers are the practical tool of choice for soil surveys involving soil compaction, trafficability and moisture distribution.  For convenience, results are logged for download to your computer at a later time.  Results provide accurate information on soil resistance.

RIMIK Cone Penetrometers come with a guarantee of workmanship and functionality and are suitable for use in all industries.  RIMIK electronic Cone Penetrometers have been manufactured in Toowoomba for almost 40 years.  These instruments are very robust and some of our earliest models are still in use today.  With a range of current models on offer, there is a cost effective RIMIK Cone Penetrometer to suit your application.

Cone Penetrometer Fact Sheets:


Expected Release 2019 CP100
The RIMIK CP100 Cone Penetrometer is our cost-effective manual soil compaction meter.  The instrument uses the standard 130mm² ASAE cone and single shaft set.  The pressure gauge reading is accurate to ±100kPa.  Visual depth indicators are provided at 100mm intervals.

Being a metric instrument, it enables direct comparison with results obtained from research undertaken using our more advanced electronic models.

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The RIMIK CP200 Cone Penetrometer
The RIMIK CP200 Cone Penetrometer is our low cost electronic model.  It has an approximate battery life of 2 hours, which is sufficient for collecting and storing its 50 insertion capacity.

This is a metric instrument with soil pressure in kPa and depth increments in mm.  Although it is low cost it is accurate to ±50kPa and ±5mm.


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The RIMIK CP300 CONE Penetrometer
The RIMIK CP300 CONE Penetrometer is a mid-range electronic model with a full electronic display.  It has the ability to store 500 insertions all to ±20kPa and ±2mm with an approximate battery life of 5 hours.

The CP 300 also includes added features, such as user selectable depth and cone settings, insertion grouping, and the ability to store insertions in either metric and imperial units.

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RIMIK CP40II Cone Penetrometer

The RIMIK CP40II Cone Penetrometer is a top of the line scientific research instrument.  With a full graphic screen, up to 11 hour battery life with GPS active and the ability to store 2000 insertions, it is the ultimate scientific tool.

The CP40II also includes features, such as user selectable depth and cone settings, insertion grouping, site name, GPS position, origin offset.  User selectable load cell size allows researchers to achieve higher accuracy in very light soil conditions.

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RIMIK CP200, CP300 and CP40II Cone Penetrometers are available for short term hire (daily, weekly and monthly) to a maximum hire period of two months.

To hire a Penetrometer please fill out the enquiry form below or call us on 07 4613 5215 or 0438 125 215.

*Cone Penetrometers are not available for hire outside of Australia.
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Manuals are available for all superseded and current Cone Penetrometer Models from the CP10 through to the CP40II. 

A single, WindowsTM based Penetrometer Reader Software is available for all Rimik electronic Cone Penetrometer models. 

Various guidance information is also available.


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