Bulk Density Soil Sampling Kit

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In addition to shallow bulk density sampling in pastures, RIMIK manufacture a deep profile system for bulk density sampling down to 100cm depth.

Similar to our range of hydraulic push tubes, bulk density sampling tubes can be manufactured in sizes from 50mm to 125mm diameter.  The most popular being 100mm  (4”) diameter and 700mm long.  These profile tubes are generally used in conjunction with vehicle mounted hydraulic insertion systems due to driving force requirements  of larger diameter sampling tubes.

Soil Bulk Density Kit with Accessories

Soil Bulk Density Kit with Accessories

Soil Bulk Density Sample Cup (Floating)

Soil Bulk Density Sample Cup (Floating)

Rimik Bulk Density Foot Sampler - Rimik Australia
RIMIK Bulk Density – Foot Sampler Plate

Tubes can be supplied in a kit consisting of the following:

  • Tubes to your specification (50mm Ø to 125mm Ø) up to 100cm long with hardened steel cutting tips
  • Sample pushers with aluminium handles and nylon heads machined to suit your tip sizes
  • Sample tray suitable for managing 50mm Ø to 125mm Ø tubes (Stainless Steel, 120cm long,)
  • Stainless steel sample cups for extracting 50mm and 100mm sample sections
  • In addition the kit can include a sample pusher rod holder and sample cutting knife or wire cutter
  • Adaptors of varying lengths to connect between hydraulic rig spigots and tube heads (painted steel construction)

The RIMIK bulk density soil sampling kit is practical and efficient.  The sampling tubes have a consistent diameter and are fitted with a standard duty No 3 cutting tip to minimise soil shattering and reduce compaction during the sampling process.  The use of a No 3 cutting tip provides internal relief to reduce tube blockage.  Standard cutting tips internal diameters are as follows:

Tube Size Actual Tube OD Cutting Tip ID
50mm 50.8mm 44.6mm
75mm 76.2mm 70.0mm
100mm 101.6mm 95.4mm
125mm 127.0mm 120.8mm

To aid consistent measurement, the soil sampling tray is supplied with 50mm and/or 100mm floating or welded sample cups (short open top tubes and end caps) which are designed to fit at opposite ends of the tray.  Tubes can be placed in either orientation to retrieve accurate sample lengths.  Welded sample cups make sample extraction simple and clean, reducing or eliminating soil loss.

Stainless steel construction allows the bulk density soil sampling kit to withstand rough treatment in the field and periods of storage without rusting.  Cuttings tips are machined from surface hardened stainless steel for a longer cutting life and are replaceable if damaged or worn.  Kits can be thoroughly cleaned if cross contamination is an issue.

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