• Telemetry Remote Monitoring and Control Systems available from Rimik Australia


RIMIK has been Australia’s leading designer, developer and manufacturer of specialised electronic soil pressure instruments for over 40 years. These products have continued to meet the ongoing needs of researchers and industry specialists and are exported to more than 20 countries.

RIMIK has changed its shape, size, ownership and product range but has remained focused on quality and ongoing product development of technical equipment for the agricultural industry.  Products are designed to meet various national and international standards or are developed to meet specific client requirements.  The range has expanded from electronic cone penetrometers into soil and grain sampling equipment.  In addition RIMIK has developed telemetry equipment capable of remotely monitoring and controlling agricultural and light industrial processes.  Together with telemetry equipment RIMIK supplies an array of sensors internally developed or sourced from quality suppliers.

Qualified agricultural and computer engineers and tradespeople support our goal of continuous incremental improvement in electronic and mechanical design of equipment for agriculture and industry.

RIMIK products are used by research facilities, government departments, agricultural consultants and producers worldwide for use in agricultural research, forestry, agronomy, farming and food services.

RIMIK products are proudly Australian made.


RIMIK hand-held Cone Penetrometers are the practical tool of choice for soil surveys involving soil compaction, trafficability and moisture distribution. RIMIK has designed a full range of equipment from manual probes for farm use to research grade electronic logging devices. RIMIK Cone Penetrometers are a leading research tool and come with a guarantee of workmanship and functionality.


RIMIK is a leading domestic manufacturer of Grain Sampling Equipment which is designed and manufactured in Toowoomba. Our range includes Double Triers, Nobbie (Single) Triers, Bag Spears and Farinators. These are food grade products made from Stainless Steel and Aluminium and are distributed through Graintec Scientific.


RIMIK has manufactured its own Wheel Angle, Temperature and Ground Speed Sensors for a number of years. We are continuously testing and reviewing externally sourced sensors to meet our growing IOT needs including, environmental (weather), ultrasonic level and distance, water and air pressure, water level electrodes, water metering, emission equipment.


RIMIK design and manufacture a number of Soil Sampling devices.  This product range was introduced in 2013 through the acquisition of Acre Industries from Cliff Edser (Toowoomba) and now includes Soil Sampling Push Tubes, Hand Samplers, Foot Samplers, Hand Augers, Manual Lifting Equipment and numerous accessories.


RIMIK Telemetry Systems incorporate simple monitoring or complex two way control of field devices such as channel gates, variable speed drives and valves. The online platform can be accessed via PC or mobile phone and provides instant or historical access to your field equipment. Monitor tanks, check environmental factors or manage irrigation systems from the office or further afield.


Our Engineers are willing to assist you with PCB design and manufacture.  RIMIK also offers assembly and testing services.  We can often repair damaged electronic equipment if the need arises.  Talk to our sales staff if you have an OEM product that you want manufactured under contract or licence and sold in Australia.

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